Compact THC SD (Step Dir PID generator)



User's Guide [EN]

      A new generation height controller of plasma torch is based on the popular Compact THC 150 model, in which relay outputs were replaced by inputs / outputs STEP DIR. These inputs / outputs generate corrective signals step/dir proportionally to the slope of the material after the detection of a cutting arc so that the cutting quality is maintained at a very high level.


     The connection method of a controller “beyond the software” allows you to use it with the software without the THC function.

 Example of connection :



Make sure that the machine is properly grounded. Plasma cutters generate voltage dangerous for human health and life. No grounding may result in electric shock and / or damage electronic equipment



Model: Compact THC SD

Supply Voltage: 7-35V DC

STEP/DIR Inputs:  TTL 5V

Max. frequency: 0 - 100kHz

Correction frequency: 0 - 5kHz

Range : 30-300V DC (1000 VDC)

Separator HV/HF : Yes

Integrated Voltage Divider: Yes 1:50

 Intended for use with any control system that uses STEP/DIR signals to control the Z axis. Thanks to the integration with a voltage divider, the connection is very simple.

Example of connection:





If connecting directly to the “power” terminals,

you should ensure the connection as short as possible due to the formation of large disturbances.

You should also use test leads with a proper insulation – matched to the maximum voltage of the plasma cutter. Because of the very high level of interferences and voltage “pins”, it is recommended to supply the + and – potential by means of separate wires what minimizes the risk of dielectric breakdown.


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