THC Products


Compact THC 150

price: 199USD

compact thc 150

      A popular controller of the plasma torch’s height with a relay outputs Up / Down and ARC OK – a confirmation of the cutting arc. It is intended to cooperate with CNC control systems, which support THC signals up / down, for example MACH 3, LinuxCNC, CNConv.

Thanks to the integration with a voltage divider, the connection is very simple.


Compact THC SD

price: 238USD

compact thc 150

     The controller of a new generation based on the THC 150 Compact model with outputs generating signals Step / Dir according to the PID algorithm what provides a very smooth and rapid reaction – the movement speed of the axis is proportional to the slope of a cut material. Step / dir signals are generated during cutting. When the cutting arc is not detected, the device transmits step / dir signals from the control system.

It can be used in 3-axis systems without the THC software function.



price: 350USD


      Alone controller of the Z axis in the plasma torch is integrated with a stepper motor driver. Thanks to the independence from the control system, it can with any CNC system (also biaxial) independently controlling all necessary functions of the Z axis, for example: detection of the material, plasma activation, departure at a cruising altitude, etc.

The device can cooperate practically with any CNC system




Product Not Available


     A high-class condenser sensor. Popular output signal 0-10V allows for easy use with PLC controllers. The regulator works with any THC regulator from our offer.


The main application is to control the height of Oxygen Cutters.