MyPlasm CNC System

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Software Manual EN, PL, ES

Hardware Manual EN, PL

Software Download EN, PL, CZ, ES ( Full Free Version )


Proffesional CNC System for Plasma Cutters.

With MyPlasm CNC software is very easy to use and integraded all of functions in one system saves your money.


Basic functions of software / controller

- max work area of machine: No limitations

- minimal width of Step pulses: Automatic

- max frequency of STEP signal: 350kHz

       - integrated THC height regulator: Yes

       - THC anti-dive function: Yes

       - material detection: Yes, Touch ( OHMIC ) / Floating head

       - collision switch support: YES

- Accepted file formats: DXF, PLT ( hpgl ), G-Codes (.tap)

       - Integrated CAM module: Yes, MyMini CAM

       - Automatic recognition of internal and external objects: YES

       - Path analysis with lead: YES

       - Cutting parameters base: YES,

       - Correction of project angle for material: YES

       - Operation using GamePad controller: YES

       - Option of cutting from any place: YES

       - Option of cutting from the end: YES

- Applicable CNC controllers: MyPlasm CNC

       - Support for controllers and main boards of other manufacturers: NO

       - Operation through LPT port: NO

Diagram of MyPlasm CNC connections :


MyPlasmCNC sch.


Example of Plasma Interface connections to CPC port :

MyPlasmCNC PowerMax



- Import DXF,PLT or G-CODES

- Automatic generate cut path with Offset, LeadIn, LeadOut

- Can be use with extermal CAM software ( sheetcam for example ) 

- Second separate feedrate for small holes

- Parameters Database

- material angle correction

- Soft and Hardware limits

- THC antydive functions

- GamePad stering

- Material Detection via Ohmic Sensor, Floating Head or both !


It's very fresh product, is constantly developed.

Every customer will have the option of a free upgrade

What will be in future :

- MyMini CAD